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in a Mysql database I have a table in which I am trying to store IPv4 addresses. The table is composed by 2 columns: "_id" (primary key) and an integer column where I'd like to store the ip addresses using INET_ATON. I insert a record into a table with the following command and it works with no problem:

INSERT INTO db_name.table (IPv4) VALUES (INET_ATON(''))

However when I try to get the id of the ip that I stored, the query return no record.

SELECT _id FROM db_name.table WHERE IPv4 = INET_ATON('') 

Where I am getting wrong?

Thank you in advance

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INET_ATON() takes a number, not a string - it is not what you are looking for! –  Eugen Rieck Jun 15 at 20:50
@EugenRieck: no, it takes a string, see manual –  VMai Jun 15 at 21:01
I can't reproduce this behavior given IPv4 as INT UNSIGNED just as Stanislav said. –  VMai Jun 15 at 21:03

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Maybe problem in type of your IPv4 field. It must be INT UNSIGNED, not INT (Mysql documentation)

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