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In my spring project, I have two layers for my views:

1) each method from my controller map directly a jsp page like that:

<jsp:include page="../../common/listagem.jsp">
    <jsp:param name="name" value="Usuario"/>
    <jsp:param name="elements" value="{['login','senha','pnome','unome','email']}"/>

2) my jsp page common/listagem.jsp is this:

<%@ include file="../include/header.jsp" %>

<sec:authorize access="hasPermission(#user, 'cadastra_${param.name}')">
    <button type="button" class="btn btn-sm btn-link link" data-action="/${param.name}/cadastra">
        Cadastrar novo ${param.name}

<table class="bordered">
        <c:forEach var="item" items="${param.elements}">
            <th> <c:out value="${item}"/> </th>

    <tbody class="content">

            <sec:authorize access="hasPermission(#user, 'altera_${param.name}')">
                <td class="comando" data-nome="Altera" data-action="/${param.name}/altera"></td>
            <sec:authorize access="hasPermission(#user, 'remove_${param.name}')">
                <td class="comando" data-nome="Remove" data-action="/${param.name}/remove"></td>

<c:url value="/${param.name}/listagem.json" var="listagem"/>
    load_content("${listagem}", $('table.bordered'));

<%@ include file="../include/footer.jsp" %>

My problem it's exactly with the page above. the final result for this code is that:

but instead should display only the title of the columns in the top and the code:

<c:url value="/${param.name}/listagem.json" var="listagem"/>
    load_content("${listagem}", $('table.bordered'));

should fill the table with data from the server (this code works in other project mine, where I don't use include files and jsp:param).

Anyone can see what's wrong with this code?

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what are you expecting? It's string and displaying as it is. –  user3218114 Jun 15 at 21:43
Aren't you missing a $? –  shmosel Jun 15 at 21:43
@Braj what form I should use? –  Kleber Mota Jun 15 at 21:43
@shmosel where? –  Kleber Mota Jun 15 at 21:44
I can help you but at least can tell me what are you expecting? –  user3218114 Jun 15 at 21:44

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You can try with JSP JSTL Functions but it more like a JSON string so try with Jackson JSON Parser.

Find tutorial on Jackson parser here.

Sample code:

<%@ taglib prefix="fn" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/functions"%>

<c:set var="elements" value="${param.elements}" />
<c:forEach var="item"
    <c:out value="${item}" />


'login' 'senha' 'pnome' 'unome' 'email' 
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OK, I solve this issue using an array for store the values, like that:

<jsp:param name="elements" value="login"/>
<jsp:param name="elements" value="pnome"/>
<jsp:param name="elements" value="unome"/>
<jsp:param name="elements" value="email"/>

and in the common jsp page:

                    <c:forEach var="item" items="${paramValues.elements}" varStatus="status">
                        <th class="col" data-property="<c:out value="${item}"/>">
                            <c:out value="${paramValues.label[status.index]}"/>
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