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i've looked at loads of other answers for the returning 0 issue.

The difference with mine is that it used to work.

Stupidly i made a couple of changes today, firstly updating my AWS server (including php) and then moving my app from a sub-domain to root.

The get login url works, but i just always get 0 from getUser.

I've spent the whole day on it :(

Any ideas?

Facebook PHP SDK (v.3.2.3) PHP v 5.5.7 Laravel 4

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What getUser, Any code ? –  The Alpha Jun 15 at 22:14
subdomain hardcoded somewhere or set in the dev settings of your app? –  luschn Jun 15 at 22:46

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i didn't want to be someone that never posts the resolution.

I think it was an issue with the Curl module.

Ran a yum update on the ec2 server today and it's back up and running perfectly now.

Bit annoying, but hey ho!

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