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I've got web site on Azure - somesite000.cloudapp.net. Also I have a domain on Godaddy - somesite.com . In my GoDaddy panel I've forwarded my domain to that Azure address. I've set Forward with Masking and marked it as permanent. Forwarding works fine except couple of things: the title of the opened web page doesn't display the content of tag of the html - so in fact title in the browser just shows "somesite.com" instad of something like "Main Page". Does anyone know why it's happening and how it can be fixed? Thank you!

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Setup a CNAME record in your GoDaddy DNS Record. Setting up a www with directs to somesite000.cloudapp.net

Once you have done that when somebody visits www.somesite.com it would be redirected to somesite000.cloudapp.net but the browser's address bar would still read www.somesite.com

Look into Adding or Editing CNAME Records section in Managing DNS for Your Domain Names

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