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I'm building a Sculpin website, and I've added a custom content type called people:

        layout: post_type
        permalink: blog/:year/:month/:day/:slug_title/
        layout: person_type
        permalink: who/:basename/
        singular_name: person

The content for people is found in the source/_people folder. Based on the documentation I would expect the result of the generate command to create the folder output_dev/who containing one [person] folder for each [person.md] that was in the _people folder.

What actually happens is that there is a folder output_dev/_people, as if the content type wasn't defined.

But when I add --watch to the generate command and make changes to the people.md files in the source, sculpin generates the correct files in the path output_dev/who/personA/index.html.

Why isn't the custom content type being generated on first run?


Part of the problem has to do with the fact that I'm trying to cross-reference the two types of posts. A post has a property author that points to a person. On the generated page for a person I want to display a list of all posts by that person, so I assumed we could add use: [posts] to the definition:

These are the contents of a file called source/_people/ramon.md


slug: ramon
fullname: Ramon de la Fuente
avatar: ramon.png

use: [posts]


Lorem ipsum.

important: Removing use: [posts] makes it work like expected. Why?

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