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Is it possible to find out how big the data is in KB or MB for individual columns in a table? I have a script which tells me the physical size of each table, but I would like to know how much of that is taken up by certain columns in the database, especially when I have XML stored in a column.

Any help much appreciated


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Not to my knowledge, sorry. Rarely wanted. For others to answer that - what version of SQL Server are you using - may be relevant here. –  TomTom Mar 11 '10 at 8:54
This is for SQL Server 2005 –  andyJ Mar 11 '10 at 9:04

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You should be able to use the datalength function, something like

select sum(datalength(yourfield))
from yourtable

This will summate the datalengths of all the entries of that field in the table - it will not account for overheads such as variable length field pointers, space in the nullability bitmap etc.

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It should be noticed this returns the length in bytes - I found this useful for my purposes. select concat(sum(datalength(yourfield)) / 1024, ' kb') from yourtable –  ProVega Mar 5 at 0:25

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