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This might be a very dumb question, but could you technically use Swift as a programming language for building a website / web app?

I'm not really sure what makes a language usable on the web, but it does connect to SQLite and can do most of what I do with Ruby / PHP.

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Maybe take a look at this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/417816/…. The idea is similar. Plus, you would need the LLVM compiler (but you might be able to get away with GCC, not sure) –  Amin Meyghani Jun 16 at 2:38
Theoretically any language could be a web programming language. The browser just needs to understand the output that it's receiving. With that in mind you could technically use swift, write a custom compiler to run on typical web servers and mess around to get it to work but I'd ask- why bother? Php and asp do the job pretty well and are well supported. Adding swift or others into the mix just makes your projects more costly in time, devs and money –  ScottMcGready Jun 16 at 2:39
Right. That's what I figured: anything technically could work, but why when there are much better alternatives? Well, I guess one reason would be for speed. I don't have any benchmarks, but if Swift was faster it might make a better choice. Also, if you're shop is primarily an iOS shop, then you could learn just one language... The small community and lack of development in the area might be a detriment. –  Brian W Jun 16 at 2:43
It's a valid point but a moot one in a business sense. App dev teams aren't suited for web dev (standards, common functionality etc) and are quite costly. For the same price as 1 good, legit iOS dev, developing a custom compiler, and probably rewriting a lot of the core functions of PHP/ASPX I can hire 5 great PHP guys AND a front end designer- and the job will probably be done much quicker. Theoretically though, sure. And don't get me wrong- I absolutely love disruption but I fear there's a LOT of movement needed before this could work. –  ScottMcGready Jun 17 at 1:18
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From the docs,

Swift is a new programming language for iOS and OS X apps that builds on the best of C and Objective-C, without the constraints of C compatibility. Swift adopts safe programming patterns and adds modern features to make programming easier, more flexible, and more fun. Swift’s clean slate, backed by the mature and much-loved Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks, is an opportunity to reimagine how software development works.

So, Swift is just that: Objective-C without the constraints of C.

Though it shares some syntax with scripting languages, it is not a scripting language: it is a compiled language for rich applications and is built on Cocoa frameworks.

So, while it may look similar to Ruby and PHP at first glance, Swift isn't meant for the web because it's (a) not a scripting language or web language of any kind and (b) isn't interpreted in any way by a browser. It is compiled just like Objective-C and C and is used for writing applications.

That said, all that makes a web language a web language is that a browser understands it in some fashion. Just because it can "connect to SQLite and can do most of what I can do with Ruby/PHP" doesn't make it a web language.

Just because print does the same thing in Python and Ruby doesn't make Python the same as Ruby.

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I think you are saying Swift can't be used for client-side (which is true ignoring emscripten) but it still can be used for server-side –  Bryan Chen Jun 16 at 2:47
Not necessarily, but they're certainly popular there. JavaScript is considered the standard when it comes to client-side (thanks, @BryanChen, that's what I meant) web development, and that's obviously a scripting language. You could technically use it for server-side, but I don't think it's worth your effort there, as that's not what the language was meant for. If you look at that question in the comments, compiled languages can be used for server-side web development, but it's not recommended. –  AstroCB Jun 16 at 2:49
Also, @BrianW, you're going to need library support if you want to use it for the web, and, as a new language, it's not going to have that. –  AstroCB Jun 16 at 2:55
@AstroCB I figured it'd be a cool project to be the first one to break into that territory ;) –  Brian W Jun 16 at 2:59
@BrianW That's fair enough, but it doesn't seem to be feasible at this point. –  AstroCB Jun 16 at 3:00
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Theoretically, any program that can output plain text can be used for CGI (Common Gateway Interface), that includes Swift. So, yes, you can use it for web programming. But there is no extra facilities as in PHP or EJB/JSP to make it easier for you. May be you can start making these facilities by yourself and be the first one to do so.

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This would be a very interesting project I think! With middleware and all that crap. –  Arnaldo Capo Jun 27 at 15:45
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