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I know it sounds like a stupid but I need to get it resolved.

Why is there a space before js class in HTML tag when using modernizer

<html lang="fr" class=" js ........">

I had downloaded it from modernizer directly with out any changes. Even modernizer site doesn't have such issue. Why I am having so. Below is the link to the image.

images of chrome debugger

I need to get it resolved. I see the same issue on other sites also. For eg:- js class space

I have no idea where is the issue. I don't have much customized JS

There is main.js where my custom scripts are loaded. Before that I have jquery.js and modernizer.js with no customization.

I even tried removing space before js class directly in modernizer.js

?" js "+v.join(" "):"")

But my clients says the space must be there for a good reason. There is no way     modernizer developer can leave the bug like this. So we are not going to touch it. We should look other issue to fixed this.

You see I am in trouble now. :D

Site where the issue is.

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You'll need to share the code or a site in order for people to help., since it isn't happening elsewhere. Also - why do you need to get it resolved? –  Patrick Jun 16 '14 at 17:19
Thanks for you comment. I have updated my question. –  Santosh Jun 19 '14 at 9:44

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Modernizr has a space before the js so that it can easily concatenate against existing classNames (which is just a string).

It really has zero impact on anything, so I am not sure why you feel it needs to be resolved.

Regardless, you can just add a random classname, with no whitespace. so what is currently


and becomes

<html class=" js...">

can be

<html class="funkycoldmedina">

which will be

<html class="funkycoldmedina js...">

after modernizr runs.

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Even after adding any classes its same. The space appears to be there. However, I can't see the same space on modernizr official site. When I inspect the js, I can see that space but not in classes ? Why do I have that space? –  Santosh Jul 1 '14 at 14:43

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