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How is the best way to set changing colorscheme to a keybinding?

Sometimes I find myself needing to change scheme due day and light conditions where a dark scheme doesn't suit.

So by default my colorscheme is seoul256. I thought that I could create an if statement in vimscript bound to d to flip the schemes.

So I created a variable cs = 0 which will default to my darkscheme and on keybinding it will set cs =1 which would cause the light scheme to execute.

However vimmscript doesn't like my variables and am unsure how to reload it after key press.

this is my attempt so far.

 map <space>d cs = 1
 cs = 0
 if cs = 0
     colorscheme seoul256
     colorscheme calmar256-light
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You'll "need" that once a day at most so... I'm not sure there's a point creating a mapping for it. –  romainl Jun 16 at 6:05

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You can use g:colors_names to get the name of the current color scheme. Then you can compare it to one of the color scheme names and choose the other if it matches.

nnoremap <silent> <space>d :exec 'colorscheme' (g:colors_name ==# 'seoul256') ? 'calmar256-light' : 'seoul256'<CR>

As for why yours doesn't work. You need to use let to assign variables. And you can resource a vim script file with source <filename>

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I get an invalid expression error. E121: Undefined variable: g:colors_name E15: Invalid expression: (g:colors_name ==# 'seoul256') ? 'calmar256-light' : 'seoul256' –  sayth Jun 16 at 3:27
@sayth have you loaded a color scheme yet? A color scheme must have been loaded before g:colors_name will have a value. See :h g:colors_name –  FDinoff Jun 16 at 3:30

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