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I have an object that is of type Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\DocumentRepository and need to change how data is fetched, now it uses $this->findby but I need something more complicated and would like to use a doctrine query.

In all the examples I seem to be needing a EntityManager to invoke createQuery on but don't know how to get to it from within a Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\DocumentRepository instance. There is no $this->getEntityManager function.

The class definition seem to be missing a method to get an entitymanager as well.

There is a way to create a querybuilder ($this->createQueryBuilder()) and that may have a way to get the entity manager but this must be another type of query builder:

$this->createQueryBuilder()->getEntityManager() undefined method: getEntityManager. Even though the name would suggest it's a querybuilder it really isn't.

Is there a way to execute dql from a Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\DocumentRepository?


The reason for this is because I need to search on a date field that isn't a date. It consists of 3 string fields (year; a 4 length string, month; a 2 length string and day; a 2 lenght string). If the current day is Monday then it needs to search saturday and sunday as well. Current buggy code uses findby query and sometimes produces something like this:

        'data.type; => 6,
        'data.year' => '2014',
        'data.month' => '06',
        'data.day' => array( '$in' => ['02','01','0-1'])
//results in: where year=''2014' and month='06' and day in ('02','01','0-1')

I need something like:

  type = 6
  and (
    (year='2014' and month='06' and day='02')
    OR (year='2014' and month='06' and day='01')
    OR (year='2014' and month='05' and day='31')

The findby doesn't seem to provide something that can let me do such a query.

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It seems like you should be able to use the query builder object that's provided by $this->createQueryBuilder('MyEntity'). Try something like this

$qb = $this->createQueryBuilder('data');

$results = $qb
    ->field('type')->equals(6) //add quotes i.e. '6' if type is string
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Thank you for your comment, still have a bit of trouble. The query should check where type=6 and ((year='2014' and month='06' and day='01') OR (year='2014' and ... This seems to check where type=6 or [{ "year": "2014", "month": "06", "day": "01" },{ "year": "2014", ... so records not having a type of 6 would be included. Didn't mention this in the question so updated it. –  HMR Jun 17 at 3:02
@HMR updated to include type = 6 –  FuzzyTree Jun 17 at 9:44
Thank you, I'm wondering if that's getting me only records of type 6 but I'll give it a try tomorrow. If it fails I may go for the where function and pass in JavaScript –  HMR Jun 17 at 12:27
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