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I am trying to check a Windows Explorer view to see if a file name is currently being renamed / edited when typing.

I have a system hook installed that monitors the keyboard for specific keystrokes and fires certain events. This is done in this manner:

  • If the keyboard hook sees the key pressed it fires a message to another thread and continue processing other system hooks.
  • Other thread receives the message and checks to see if an Explorer window is active and gets the interface to the IFolderView2.
  • Call IFolderView2::GetFocusedItem() to get the focused item in the folder view.
  • Check if the focused item is being renamed / is in edit mode (SVSI_EDIT) using IFolderView2:: GetSelectionState() - this is the part that fails
  • If not in rename mode perform an action on that file.

I've tried everything on Windows 7 but the SVSI_EDIT flag (0x00000002 specifically) is never returned. It's always (SVSI_FOCUSED | SVSI_SELECT) regardless of if the file is being renamed. Setting the SVSI_EDIT flag with works with IFolderView::SelectItem with the flag puts it into rename mode but I want to determine if it's in this mode already.

This has only been tested on Windows 7 x64 so far.

Does anyone know a way to determine if Explorer / the IFolderView etc. is currently in the rename file state? Any sneaky method will do if it's not possible through these interfaces.

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+1 You did your research very, very well. Kudos to you. –  Blue Ice Jun 16 at 5:32
I would have preferred not to have to. I guess nobody has a clue on this one..? –  mcoder Jun 16 at 23:59
I don't, sorry. If you are in a bind, though, you can try spreading out to other forums for help. –  Blue Ice Jun 17 at 0:21
absolutely, any hints on which forums? I'm more of a reader of them than a poster as you can see this is my first on SO for the reason this seems unbreakable... it may be useful to follow through for posterity (appreciated all input!) –  mcoder Jun 17 at 1:19
Sorry, I don't know. I really don't use forums for this sort of stuff, so I would just try to find a busy one. However, following through for posterity isn't a bad idea because then others in the future can benefit from your solution. –  Blue Ice Jun 17 at 2:00

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