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I have a automated test script for testing android device using appium in selendroid mode.I have implemented the "HasTouchScreen" class and extended "RemoteWebDriver" to perform my gestures like scroll, tap etc.

public class SwipeableWebDriver extends RemoteWebDriver implements HasTouchScreen { public RemoteTouchScreen touch;

public SwipeableWebDriver(URL url, Capabilities caps) {
    super(url, caps);
    touch = new RemoteTouchScreen(getExecuteMethod());

public TouchScreen getTouch() {
    return touch;

The issue is when the scroll happens the new elements do not get rendered from the list. When I tried to use the flick function, my script is not able to interact with the new elements rendered. I am using appium 0.18.2 version which uses selendroid 0.9 version.Kindly help.

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