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I came across this syntax in shell script, and not able to comprehend meaning of echo\\ against a variable:

I have a file like this:



At command prompt we do like this (i mimicked what is in shell script).

$ VARIABLE1=`sh -c ". data_file; echo \\\$variable1"`

and when we do $VARIABLE_1, its value is value1.

What i don't understand is importance of \\ after the echo.

If we don't mention these \\ then value of $VARIABLE_1 is blank.

I did google however didn't get proper result, and hence asking here.


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There are three '\' not two. like echo \\\ –  vipin koul Jun 16 at 6:48
What exactly are you trying to do here? –  anubhava Jun 16 at 6:52
\\ turns into \ when the string is expanded. Also \$ turns into $ So they are just making a string that says echo $variable1 after expansion. –  John C Jun 16 at 7:03
What you're doing can be done with: VARIABLE1=`sh -c '. ./data_file; echo "$variable1"'` –  anubhava Jun 16 at 7:10
@JohnC: Thanks a lot John, got it. Thanks a lot. –  vipin koul Jun 16 at 7:31

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