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I am looking for a simple tool to draw up my database in. I know that i saw one that was made in C# on Codeproject but i can't find that one. I just need to be able to visually draw my tables and relations for MS SQLServer 2008.

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I would suggest SQL Power Architect for the following reasons (from the official feature list):

  • Accesses source databases via JDBC
  • Connects to multiple source databases concurrently
  • Compares data models & database structures and identifies discrepancies
  • Drag-and-drop source tables & columns into the playpen
  • Remembers the origin of each column
  • Generates source-to-target visual Mapping Reports
  • Forward/reverse engineers PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server & more
  • Saves source data structure snapshots in the project, so you can work remotely
  • All project data is stored in an easy-to-parse XML format
  • OLAP schema modeling: Cubes, Measures, Dimensions, Hierarchies & Levels
  • GPL (version 3) licensed

...and a couple reasons of my own:

  • runs on basically any platform
  • has fairly nice keyboard support for fast model development
  • relatively useful diagram auto-layout
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Why would you not want to use the built-in Data Diagrammer?

If you just want to draw your tables, have a look at Dia. In the Links section you find some tools that convert the drawing into SQL.

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