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I have a column with values like





i need to find the first occurrence of - till the second occurrence of - and remove the resulting character.

I am using this function =MID(A1,FIND("-",A1),13) which returns me -34D03E185267 or -14E64F5167E6 from the above strings.

But I want the output like WI60P-01138 or WI60-01051

Can anyone help me?

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Assuming that the length of text between the two hyphens never varies, you can use your existing function, along with SUBSTITUTE to get the desired string, like so:


Alternately, you can use FIND to get the hyphen positions and again use SUBSTITUTE to get the replaced string, like so:


Notice that one of the FIND expressions takes 3 parameters - by passing FIND("-",A1) + 1 as the third parameter, we get the second occurence of '-' within the cell.

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thanks. that worked perfectly!! –  nilarya Jun 16 at 8:43

This will work for any position of the two hyphens:

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Solution using multiple cells as support (with dynamic length of the string):

Put this in cell B1 to obtain the first part of the code:


Put this in cell C1 to obtain the last part of the code:


Put this in cell D1 to concatenate both and get your result:


Solution in a single cell (with dynamic length of the string)

Put this in cell B1 to get the same result as above :

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