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I am using fingerprintjs reference: http://valve.github.io/fingerprintjs/

It works fine and generate same code every time i use a particular page. But when the same code and page is executed on private mode of the same browser it generates different code.

var fingerprint = new Fingerprint({
                       ie_activex: true,
                       screen_resolution: true,
                       canvas: true}).get();

What should i do to make it same on private mode.

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Is there a reason why this matters? The accuracy isn't 100% anyway. –  t.niese Jun 16 at 8:16
Yes, because of the private browser this matters! Now, I have to recognize the user machine or just browser (both default and private). How would i do. I am using fingerprintingjs –  Sheraz Ali Jun 16 at 9:58
Private and default browsing will/may have different behaviors (e.g. different loaded plugins) so it is likely that they may have different finger prints. So if you would explain why you need this then it would probably be possible to give a solution. –  t.niese Jun 16 at 10:10
We have a website and we are paying $10.00 for each signup of user to i2c. Now, It usually happens we got 100-150 signups with same name almost same emails with difference of very short time period. Now We want to block that user for certain time. –  Sheraz Ali Jun 16 at 10:16

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Fingerprintjs first builds a big string with browser info and then hashes this string. You can compare this string in both regular and private mode and see what's different, ie. what information browser stops returning when in private mode. Having this information you'll be able to decide on future steps. For example customise the library to suit your particular needs.

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