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I'm trying to setup AWS Cloudfront on my site to serve all images. I've gotten it working, but not the way that I'd like!

All of my images live here: www.example.com/images/{date}/{image-name}

I want to serve the site from my server on www.example.com But also have the images served from the same subdomain but with the images folder in the URL.

It seems these two things are contradictory since the root site www.example.com can only point to one place in my DNS entry, not 2 different places. So the only way that I've gotten it to work so far is by putting images on a subdomain of my main site i.e. http://images.example.com/images/20140101/logo.png.

Since this is a current live site, I'm worried that all external links would then be broken if I move it all to the subdomain.

Is this possible to achieve by just setting things up differently at the DNS (Amazon Route 53) or any other clean hack?

I'm running an nginx server, in case any answers involved Apache. :)

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