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i'm writing a code with the Gallery widget that works as follows:

  • I set mGallery.setCallbackDuringFling(false); to force calls to setOnItemSelectedListener and inside i check the selection (i suppose the scrolling is stopped now)
  • when a item (following a positional criteria from that selection) is selected, i animate while 1 second that item (fade out).
  • On animation ends, i remove that selected item.
  • I update the array of items from the gallery and i call to notifyDataSetChanged()
  • Repeat again...

The problem -i think- appears sometimes when the user is scrolling fastly, my code calls wrongly to setOnItemSelectedListener, make the check and delete a position which i think is not a stopped selection...it is only a theory. However, if i perform slowly the movement of the gallery it works perfectly all the times... What is going wrong? I think that this issue is related with the animation...

Some help would be greatly appreciated!!

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