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Hi I have a spring bean named "connection" - how can I reference that explicitly in a SpEL expression from webflow - by explicitly I mean I don't want SpEL to try and find any other variables named "connection" which may exist in webflow scope - this is what I'm currently doing:

<action-state id="initialise-connection">
    <evaluate result="flowScope.initialisedConnection" expression="connection"/>

I've read about prefixing with "@" to only target beans - what is the right practice and how do I do it?

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give this a try #{connection} – Vinay Lodha Jun 20 '14 at 8:34

The evaluate tag used to invoke a bean method or an execute() method inside subclass of Action class

For example if you define your own action, it should be initialized as @Component or defined as bean in your XML configuration file

public class MyAction {
   public Connection doSomething(RequestContext context){

And in your flow definition XML file, you would simply call it like this

<evaluate result="flowScope.initialisedConnection" expression="myAction.doSomething( flowRequestContext)"/>

But if you defined a subclass of Action class, it will be like this

public class MyAction implements Action {

   public Event execute(RequestContext context) {

And in your flow definition XML file, you would call it like this

<evaluate result="flowScope.initialisedConnection" expression="myAction"/>
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This is how I used to call a static method in a Class of mine. Please try this.

<action-state id="initialise-connection">
    <evaluate result="flowScope.initialisedConnection" expression=""/>
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