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How can i use findstr windows command to search for the string/character excluding the string/character commented inside the xhtml file?

Example : test.xtml

             This is Test Code.  
             <!--Test Comment -->   

findstr /X "Test" test.xtml.

This returns 2 lines instead i want only the uncommented line to be printed. (Expected Output::This is Test Code.)

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Giving good details will help you get a good answer. –  foxidrive Jun 16 at 13:49

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findstr "Test" test.xtml |FINDSTR /v /r "<!.*>"

should filter out the comment-line, but your findstr /x does not act as you claim.

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Thank you .It works for single line comment. How can i make it work for multiple line ? –  user3094763 Jun 24 at 12:48
Not that easy as batch commands are typically line-oriented. Probably better to try using a tool better suited to the task like SED. Theoretically, it could be done in batch, but you'd need to detect <! and then ignore all characters until a matching >, passing anything remaining to findstr to filter for the target string. I'd hesitate to say that it's impossible - just a lot of work that might not be particularly stable and best approached from another direction. –  Magoo Jun 24 at 14:40

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