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I have the following scapy layers:

The base layer (which is in fact SCTPChunkData() from scapy.sctp, but below is a simplified version of it):

class BaseProto(Packet):
    fields_desc = [ # other fields omitted...
                    FieldLenField("len", None, length_of="data", adjust = lambda pkt,x:x+6),
                    XIntField("protoId", None),
                    StrLenField("data", "", length_from=lambda pkt: pkt.len-6),

And my layer defined like this:


class My_Proto(Packet):
    fields_desc = [ ShortField ("f1", None),
                    ByteField ("f2", None),
                    ByteField ("length", None), ]

I want to dissect the data field from BaseProto as MyProto if protoId field from BaseProto equals MY_PROTO_ID.

I've tried using bind_layers() for this purpose, but I then realized that this function will "tell" scapy how to to dissect the payload of the base layer, not a specific field. In my example, the data field will actually store all the bytes that I want to decode as MyProto.

Also, guess_payload_class() is not helping, as it's just a different (more powerful) version of bind_layers(), thus operating only at payload level.

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