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I am using Alert.startAudio to play an array of short values, I want the same short[] to be played using the phone speaker, how could I do this ?

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I believe it is played with speaker by default!
But if it's not, try to use AudioPathControl

See BB KB How To - Specify Audio Path Routing

BB Developer Journals - The BlackBerry Alert Class:

The next two methods will start and stop an audio alert on the audio channel selected by the user. An audio channel can be the internal headset, speaker, earpiece or a Bluetooth® headset.

maybe this should be configured somewhere in device...

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The code you sent to plays an MP3. It's not the same case here. Alert.StartAudio plays an array of short, i want to play the same short[] using the device speaker, not playing an MP3 file. Because ALert.StartAudio doesn't use the speaker but i want the same data sent to Alert.StartAudio (the short[]) to be played using the device speaker. – Ashraf Bashir Mar 14 '10 at 11:53

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