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I am reviewing the ColdFusion Web Connector settings in workers.properties to hopefully address a sporadic response time issue.

I've been advised to inspect the output from the metrics.log file (CF Admin > Debugging & Logging > Debug Output Settings > Enable Metric Logging) and use this to inform the adjustments to the settings max_reuse_connections, connection_pool_size and connection_pool_timeout.

My question is: How do I interpret the metrics.log output to inform the choice of setting values? Is there any documentation that can guide me?

Examples from over a 120 hour period:

95% of entries -

"Information","scheduler-2","06/16/14","08:09:04",,"Max threads: 150 Current thread count: 4 Current thread busy: 0 Max processing time: 83425 Request count: 9072 Error count: 72 Bytes received: 1649 Bytes sent: 22768583 Free memory: 124252584 Total memory: 1055326208 Active Sessions: 1396"

Occurred once -

"Information","scheduler-2","06/13/14","14:20:22",,"Max threads: 150 Current thread count: 10 Current thread busy: 5 Max processing time: 2338 Request count: 21 Error count: 4 Bytes received: 155 Bytes sent: 139798 Free memory: 114920208 Total memory: 1053097984 Active Sessions: 6899"


  • 3 x Windows 2008 R2 (hardware load balanced)
  • ColdFusion 10 (update 12)
  • Apache 2.2.21
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