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I need to find strings that match a particular pattern. For example in the following condition:

if("".matches("".replaceAll("n", "\\\\d{0,10}")))

then it should be true, since n can be any integer. 60885 is an integer. This works fine.

if("".matches("".replaceAll("n", "\\\\d{0,10}")))

then it should be false. But I get this also as true.

I just need the n to be any integer but the dots position has to be considered. Can anyone suggest how can I achieve this.

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replaceAll("n", "\\d{0,10}) ?? –  TheLostMind Jun 16 '14 at 10:04
If I use replaceAll("n", "\\d{0,10}"), then if("".matches("".replaceAll("n", "\\d{0,10}"))) will give false instead of giving true. –  yogi Jun 16 '14 at 10:30

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matches("1\\.6\\.1\\.1\\.n\\.5",... )

The '.' is a wildcard and must be quoted.

(wildcard = "match any character")

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If I am not wrong you want to match pattern like but should not be


OR Specific

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