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What's the best way to store connection string info?

I'd rather not just store the db password in NHib.config file.

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Use encryption on the password and/or connection string and store the encrypted password/connection string in a config file of some sort. Then use my answer here to add the connection string value to the NHibernate Configuration object after decrypting it:


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Generally you would put a password if you are connecting to say a sql server database with a sql login unless you decide to use windows authentication.

    <connectionStrings><add name="MyDbConn1" 
<add name="MyDbConn2" 
      connectionString="Initial Catalog=MyDb;Data Source=MyServer;Integrated Security=SSPI;"/>

You should lock down the permissions/roles for what a sql server login can do.

If you have to use a sql server style login you could encrypt the password like this..

or some other links..


To use a connection string from a connectionstring element in the web.config file then this shows you..


use fluentnhibernate. :)

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