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Hello I am doing this: <div onclick='alert("xxx")'>Click me!</div> and i see that alert but i want to call on function inside that onclick. I'm trying this but it doesn't work.

  function GetContent(prm){

  <div onclick='GetContent("xxx")'>Click me!</div>

I need to call that function inline not assign an id or class to that div and use jquery. What is the solution? Thanks

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jQuery is used exactly to remove the inline function which dont degrade well in the absence of javascript – Elzo Valugi Mar 11 '10 at 10:41
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Using code inline is bad practice, you need to assign an ID or Class to the div and call function against it eg:

<div class="test">Click me!</div>



I need to call that function inline not assign an id or class to that div and use jquery.

I think you are already doing that with this code:

<div onclick='GetContent("xxx")'>Click me!</div>

Calling function inline without assigning id or class. But as said before, it is not good practice to use inline code.

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You can give that div a class and then do something like this


<div class="myclass"></div>

This will fire click event to all div elements with class 'myclass'.

But I am not sure why you don't want to give an id to the div element.

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