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the screen of my nexus 4 is totally broken. touch isn't working at all, so where isn't any way to press hard to do anything. Also the phone isn't rooted yet. It locked with a pattern lock. Also sim locked, but it is still on.

I have some confidential important data on it, thus I don't want to send it to a screen repair service without backing up this data and deleting it..

Is there any way to exploit (or root) for the nexus 4 to get usb/shell access to the device without touching the display?

I really appreciate your help!!

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This question appears to be off-topic because it is about device hardware –  Haresh Jun 16 at 11:05
You can repair the screen by yourself, find the model and order a new LCD screen on ebay or something. I did it with my mobile phone which had broken screen and fell into the water and stopped working completely. They even send you the tools you need to repair it, and there are tons of tutorials out there. –  Víctor Jun 16 at 11:56
@Haresh, yes broken screen and touch is hardware. However an exploit or root kit is purely software. –  Manuel Jun 16 at 20:17
@Victor, I guess its really easiest. Checked a few (almost any) android root kits and exploits. It seems any of them need access and an unlocked screen. If any black head out there nows an working android exploid I'd love to know. For now I ordered a screen repair kit. –  Manuel Jun 16 at 20:18

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