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Whenever I run this script, every div that includes ".show-more-text" gets handeled. Allthough, it only interferes with one selected div, but runs multiple times.

I can't find the syntax to solve this and don't know what to search for.

<input class="show-more-text ellipsis-desc" value="More">

$(".show-more-text").on("click", function () {

    if ($(this).val() == "More") {

    } else {



Any ideas would help.

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can you share the html also –  Arun P Johny Jun 16 at 11:24
What is running multiple times? –  Maurice Perry Jun 16 at 11:25
you can shorten this whole function to $(this).prev().toggleClass('ellipsisdesc ellipsisoff'); $(this).val( $(this).val()=='more'?"Less":'more'); –  Martijn Jun 16 at 11:26
@Martijn, what about "Less" and "More"? –  putvande Jun 16 at 11:27
Missed that, editted my comment. That makes two lines total :) –  Martijn Jun 16 at 11:28

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