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In Office 2007 boxes on the ribbon change their size when window size changes. Here is an example, Styles group box on excel Home ribbon.

When window is stretched horizontally, Styles look like this:

Fully expanded ribbon group box

If we reduce window width a little, Styles will change to this:

Partially shrunk ribbon group box

If width is reduced even further, we'll see this:

Fully shrunk ribbon group box

The question is how to do this with VSTO for custom ribbon?

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2007 does not support autoscaling of custom groups. It will be in 2010.

Auto-Scaling of Custom Controls

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And how can I take advantage of this autoScale="true" XML-Property when I don't use RibbonXML in my VSTO solution. I have used the Ribbon (Visual Designer). Jörg –  jreichert Jan 19 at 15:14

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