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Here's my code;

question = raw_input("").lower()

if 'who are you' in question:
print ('I am god')

How do I make it so that once a question is asked and answered. It will allow another question to be asked without copy and pasting all the code?

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You should read about loops. They're part of the basics, you won't go far if you don't understand them. –  Frédéric Hamidi Jun 16 at 12:28
wiki.python.org/moin/WhileLoop –  Cyber Jun 16 at 12:29
Given that you seem to be iterating through a list of multiple different questions, I'd recommend reading up on for loops specifically. –  Jesse Mu Jun 16 at 12:31
1) Use a while-loop to read another input, 2) use a map (question -> answer) to avoid tons of if-checks. –  tobias_k Jun 16 at 12:35

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qadict = {
    'q1': 'a1',
while True:
    question = raw_input("").lower()
    if question in qadict:
    elif question == 'exit':  # choose your safety word
        print('idk :(')
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IMHO this does not make much sense... shouldn't it be while... question=... for... if...? –  tobias_k Jun 16 at 12:43
the question does not make much sense :) it is never said what is need to be accomplished. –  mojo Jun 16 at 12:45

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