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What is the easiest way to convert list with str into list with int in python? =) For example, we have to convert ['1','2','3'] to [1,2,3]. Of course, we can use "for:", but it's too easy.

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Python 2.x:

map(int, ["1", "2", "3"])

Python 3.x (in 3.x, map returns an iterator, not a list as in 2.x):

list(map(int, ["1", "2", "3"]))

map documentation: 2.6, 3.1

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I'm under the impression that map is generally disliked. It was even almost removed from Python 3. – pafcu Oct 10 '10 at 13:50
[int(i) for i in str_list]
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The ) at the end is wrong, but otherwise +1 – Chris Lutz Mar 11 '10 at 11:22
+1 I really like map, but generators are way more readable. – Adam Matan Mar 11 '10 at 11:55

You could also use list comprehensions:

new = [int(i) for i in old]

Or the map() builtin function:

new = map(int, old)

Or the itertools.imap() function, which will provide a speedup in some cases but in this case just spits out an iterator, which you will need to convert to a list (so it'll probably take the same amount of time):

import itertools as it
new = list(it.imap(int, old))
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If your strings are not only numbers (ie. u''), you can use :

new = [int(i) for i in ["1", "2", "3"] if isinstance(i, int) or isinstance(i, (str, unicode)) and i.isnumeric()]
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