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In a simple project i want to reference objects from a webreference added to another c# library.

The Webreference is called QServices The default namespace is set as below enter image description here

What seems to work is the following code:

Taskworkflow.SI.QServices.Record[] querysResult = new Taskworkflow.SI.QServices.Record[0];

yet when i import the Taskworkflow.SI - namespace, i keep on getting errors:

using TaskWorkflow.SI;

QServices.Record[] querysResult = new QServices.Record[0];

This results in the error:

The type or namespace name 'QServices' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Could someone clarify this for me? Thank you for your time.

Note: QServices do only exist inside TaskWorkflow.SI. They do not have any occurences in other projects nor do they have any classes/namespaces/objects that share the name.

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It sounds like TaskWorkflow.SI.QServices is a namespace, not a type name. –  Jon Skeet Jun 16 at 13:01

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I strongly suspect that for whatever reason, you're ending up with a namespace called QServices declared in the TaskWorkflow.SI namespace. So actually you want:

using TaskWorkflow.SI.QServices;

Record[] querysResult = new Record[0];

Or you could explicitly alias it:

using QServices = TaskWorkflow.SI.QServices;

QServices.Record[] querysResult = new QServices.Record[0];
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Ow Nice! I wasn't aware there was a possibility to use aliases on namespaces. Thank you for this new insight! This will actually help me alot in the future. –  N55PEC Jun 16 at 13:06

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