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I have an IIS-hosted WCF application. Right now the service has this constructor:

    public ClassService()
        : this(new ClassRepository())

    public ClassService(IClassRepository repository)
        _Repository = repository;

The parameterless constructor is because WCF requires you to have a parameterless constructor when generating service proxies. Now, when I have the service proxy in the UI assembly, the constructor with the IClassRepository is not present so I can't inject an implementation of the repository.

How is this commonly done? One idea I have is that injection would take place not in the UI but in the Service but I am not sure if this would have some repercussions or just plain bad. Can someone give me some ideas?

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What you need to do is implement a WCF InstanceProvider, delegating creation requests to your container of choice. Once you have your instance provider coded, you can install it in a ServiceHost by implementing a WCF service behavior. The service behavior, in turn, is installed by adding it to the collection ServiceHostBase.Description.Behaviors.

Here's an MSDN Magazine article on WCF extensibility.

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