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Does MySQLdb support server-side prepared statements? I can't figure this out from its manual.

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Check the MySQLdb Package Comments:

"Parameterization" is done in MySQLdb by escaping strings and then blindly interpolating them into the query, instead of using the MYSQL_STMT API. As a result unicode strings have to go through two intermediate representations (encoded string, escaped encoded string) before they're received by the database.

So the answer is: No, it doesn't.

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It has some kind of parameterization, yes.

Even then, I advise you switch to oursql. It brings a lot of advantages over MySQLdb:

  • oursql has real parameterization.
  • oursql allows text or binary data to be streamed into the database and streamed out of the database, instead of requiring everything to be buffered in the client.
  • oursql can both insert rows lazily and fetch rows lazily.
  • oursql has unicode support on by default.
  • oursql supports python 2.4 through 2.7 without any deprecation warnings on 2.6+ (see PEP 218) and without completely failing on 2.7 (see PEP 328).
  • oursql is licensed under the BSD license.
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