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how can I set Return-Path in smtp connector?

This is my mule-config

<smtp:connector name="smtpConnector" doc:name="SMTP" validateConnections="true"> 
  <reconnect-forever frequency="10000"></reconnect-forever>  
     <smtp:header key="Content-Transfer-Encoding" value="8bit"></smtp:header>
     <smtp:header key="Return-Path" value=""></smtp:header>  

<flow name="sendMailFlow" doc:name="sendMailFlow"> 
    <http:inbound-endpoint host="${}" port="${url.port}" doc:name="HTTP" />  
    <smtp:outbound-endpoint host="${}" port="${mail.smtp.port}" replyTo="#[sessionVars.mail.from]" from="${mail.test.smtp.from}" to="${}" subject="#[sessionVars.mail.title]" connector-ref="smtpConnector" transformer-refs="UTF8Transformer" responseTimeout="10000" doc:name="SMTP" />

This example does not work. The Return-Path is set with sender email address.

Thanks in advance

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