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I'm working on code that can iterate through the cells of an excel spreadsheet. I am able to get the number of rows of the sheet, and I have hard-coded the number of columns that are in this sheet.

My issue is that my code continues to throw a NoSuchElementException related to the use of Cell cell = cellIterator.next. I've tried to catch the exception but i'm still unable to read the excel sheet and save the data of each cell.

I think this is because some rows contain over a dozen "blank" or empty cells. Given the fact that the first element of each row contains some value (and thus, rowIterator should have next and read the next row), is there some way that I can work around this issue? I have code in place to getCellType(), so theoretically it should simply read these empty cells as blank and move forward. Any suggestions?

Note: My code does work for some sheets that have the occasional empty cell, but whenever a sheet has multiple empty cells in the row, the code breaks and is unable to continue moving through the cells until it reaches the column I have designated.

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What does the line of code look like, which is throwing the exception? –  Darius X. Jun 16 at 15:34

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