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I'm trying to pass login and password to the form textfields of the site.

require 'mechanize'

agent = Mechanize.new


 => #<Mechanize::Form
 {name nil}
 {method "POST"}
 {action "index.php"}
  [text:0x3fc34da544c0 type: text name: login value: ]
  [field:0x3fc34da5418c type: password name: imd5 value: ]}
 {buttons [submit:0x3fc34da53d90 type: submit name:  value: войти]}>

When I'm trying to pass info like

agent.get("http://mobile.zenitbet.com/").forms.first.login = "login"
agent.get("http://mobile.zenitbet.com/").forms[0].fields[1].value = "password"

and submit it


there is no changes: form doesn't submit and page doesn't redirect

What did I miss? Thanks!

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You are getting a fresh page each agent.get()


agent.get("http://mobile.zenitbet.com/") do |p|
  f = p.forms.first
  f.login = 'login'
  f.password = 'password'
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