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I have two divs (i will call them A and B) that overlapps each other inside another div ( X, for example)

I'm trying to show and hide A and B depending on a button. When you enter the page, you can see A, and if you press a button, A hides and then you can see B. And viceversa. This works fine.

I load A and B content dynamically, so i don't know the height of neither div.

The problem is this: if a make A and B absolute so they can overlap as it has to be, X don't adjust it's height and looks like this.


And if i let A and B relative, X's height is perfect, but then A and B can't overlap and it looks like this. (note that B starts on the bottom because A is ocuppying the top space).


I've tried making X's position relative and A and B's absolute, but nothing changes.

I was thinking about calculate how much height each td has (A and B loads a table each one) and multiplying it by the number of td's i´m loading. Then give that height to X, but it has to be an easier solution.

Thank you.

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You should look at just calculating the height and width : stackoverflow.com/questions/6606262/… –  Adjit Jun 16 '14 at 14:43

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One alternative, would be to rather than have the two divs overlap, you set one of the divs to "display:none" and then just set that div to display:block and the other one to display:none when you push the button.

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It worked perfectly. Ty. –  Miguel Cantó Bataller Jun 17 '14 at 6:31

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