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I have an installer that put some files in the client machine, so i want the same installer be the update installer, so i want to put a condition if these files already exists i'll show a dialog to the user choose if he wants to replace or not the files.

My izpack code is like this

<pack name="Product" required="yes">
            <file src="../@{project.artifactId}.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH" />
            <fileset dir="../resources" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/resources">
                <include name="**/*" />

            <fileset dir="dependency" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/lib">
                <include name="**/*" />

            <fileset dir="../resources/icons" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH">
                <include name="favicon.ico" />

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I've solved the problem using the attribute override with value asktrue like the code below

You can ignore some files from your source dir too with the tag exclude

<file src="../resources/myfile.properties" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/resources" override="asktrue" />
<fileset dir="../resources" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/resources">
  <exclude name="**/myfile.properties" />
  <include name="**/*" />
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where did you put a condition if these files already exists and show a dialog to the user choose if he wants to replace or not the files ? <exclude> doesnt do much to fulfill the requirements. –  sunbabaphu Jun 24 at 21:31
in the attribute override you can put the value "asktrue" here is the docs docs.codehaus.org/display/IZPACK/Pack+FileSet –  Leonardo Galdioli Jun 30 at 11:07
alright. but also, shouldn't your solved the problem using the following code contain override="asktrue" –  sunbabaphu Jun 30 at 18:41
you're right. Sorry, I'll edit it –  Leonardo Galdioli Jul 1 at 14:22

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