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I want to highlight the mainMenu when a submenu page is displayed.

<ul id="nav">
            <li class="topMenu"><a class="topMenuA"  href='@Url.Action("Index", "SavedViews")'>Saved Views</a></li>
            <li class="topMenu"><a class="topMenuA" > Administration</a> 
                <ul class="subnav">
                    <li class="subMenu"> <a href=@Url.Action("Index", "ServerLogs")>Server Logs</a></li> 
       <li class="topMenu"><a class="topMenuA"> Diagnostics </a>
            <ul class="subnav">
                    <li class="subMenu"> <a href=@Url.Action("Index", "DiagOverview")>Diagnostics Overview</a></li> 
                    <li class="subMenu"> <a href=@Url.Action("TableView", "DiagOverview")>Diagnostics Table View</a></li> 
                    <li class="subMenu"> <a href=@Url.Action("ERData", "DiagOverview")>Event Recorder Data</a></li> 

At the bottom of each page, I defined pageTheme, e.g:

    pageTheme = "Administration";
    pageName  = "Location";

I encounter errors with the following code for the highlighting purpose:

$(document).ready(function () {
    $("#nav li.topMenu").removeClass("menuActive");
    $("#nav li.topMenu").filter(function (index) {
        return $(this).children('.topMenuA').text() === pageTheme;

I guess the filtering part (trying to get the exact top menu li) is a problem. What did I do wrong? Any help / suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

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Some hrefs are not delimited in this code. –  Popnoodles Jun 16 '14 at 17:36

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.text() doesn't trim whitespace so $(this).children('.topMenuA').text() doesn't equal pageTheme where pageTheme = Administration and the anchor looks like this

<a ...> Administration</a>

Use $.trim()

return $.trim($(this).children('.topMenuA').text()) === pageTheme;


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WOW Popnoodles, You are wonderful. That solves the problem. –  Simon D Jun 16 '14 at 17:34

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