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This may be far-fetched, but I was wondering if it is possible to take a screenshot of a DirectX game in X resolution and either upscale it or downscale it to a new resolution.

I want to use image scanning in a game, but I need to be able to support whatever resolution the client is running at. I then need to match certain information on the screenshot to information in a database. A way I could do this was by capturing a high resolution image and then performing Character Recognition on it. I have never had much luck with character recognition and so the image would have to be really large.

I need the DirectX engine to upscale for me as I cannot simply stretch the image otherwise the OCR would not read it properly.

EDIT: The game uses Unity, I'm not sure if this opens up any other doors (like DLL injection for runtime)?


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That's probably quite difficult. You would need to inject a new texture as the game's back buffer and update the viewport size. While this might be accomplishable for simple games that render only to the back buffer, more complicated techniques might break this approach. And it all depends on how the text is rendered. Usually fonts are set up for a fixed size and scaling it would not improve recognition performance. Not mentioning that you would have to find out where to set a new font size. Probably a never-ending story. –  Nico Schertler Jun 16 at 19:48

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