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I have an asp.net mvc application. I need to reload a partial with ajax post. Here is my cshtml code inside main view:

<button data-url='@Url.Action("GetErrors", "Interface", new { servers = "S97EGESRV01" })'
    <div id="errorListDiv">

        @Html.Partial("~/Views/Partials/_ErrorListPartial.cshtml", Model.Errors)


$('.js-reload-details').on('click', function (evt) {

    var errorListDiv = $('#errorListDiv');
    var url = $(this).data("Interface/GetErrors?servers=S97EGESRV01");

    $.get(url, function (data) {


public ActionResult HatalariGetir(string servers= "All", InterfaceViewModel interfaceModel = null)
if (interfaceModel == null) {
     interfaceModel = new InterfaceViewModel();
// Some database processes
List<ErrorViewModel> modelList = new List<ErrorViewModel>();
// Populating modelList
interfaceModel.Errors = modelList;
return View("~/Views/Partials/_ErrorListPartial.cshtml", interfaceModel.Errors);

But the thing is when I click "Reload" button, whole page is loaded inside errorListDiv. Not just partial view. What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: I tried this:

return PartialView("~/Views/Partials/_ErrorListPartial.cshtml", interfaceModel.Errors);

Unfortunately result is same.

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possible duplicate of asp.net MVC partial view controller action –  Erik Philips Jun 16 at 20:41
Why do you have to pass the path to the view? –  Admiral Adama Jun 16 at 20:45
Actually I don't have to. But otherwise result is same. –  Umut Derbentoğlu Jun 16 at 20:48
In your view put {Layout = null;} –  Matt Jun 16 at 21:17

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Try adding this to your view file.

    Layout = null;
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Actually your partial view is not working like partial view, it is rendering with master layout as a full view, so what you need is to explicitly tell in view that do not use any master layout by adding this line in top of view:


Layout = null;

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