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I want so save Id's from select boxes but is not saving the first and second option

Here is my tables:

  |id|   |name|
    1     ABC
    2     DEF
    3     GHI
    4     JKL

  |id|   |invoice_cia_id|
    1         1
    2         2
    3         3
    4         4

Here is the controller

class InvoiceController < ApplicationController   

  def new_invoice
     @cias = InvoiceCia.find(:all,:conditions=>['id IN (1,2)'])
     @cias2 = InvoiceCia.find(:all,:conditions=>['id NOT IN (1,2)'])
     @invoice = 

  def create
     @invoice =[:invoice])


Here is the view: <% form_for @invoice, :url => {:controller=>"invoice",:action=>'create'},:html=>{:id=>"new_client_form"} <%= options_for_select(@cias.collect {|t| [,]})+"OTROS" %>

<p><div id="info1" style="display:none;">
    Others CIAS:
    <%= :invoice_cia_id ,options_for_select(@cias2.collect {|t| [,]} )  %>
   <div id="info2" style="display:none;"></div>

Here is the demo

The problem is when I select the first or second option "ABC"=1 or "DEF"=2 is always saving id=3

Is working fine when I don't select the first and second option and I want to save id=1 or id=2

Please somebody can help me?

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From your controller

   @cias2 = InvoiceCia.find(:all,:conditions=>['id NOT IN (1,2)'])

and you promote options to select from this object

   <%= :invoice_cia_id ,options_for_select(@cias2.collect {|t| [,]} )  %>

and this object doesn't contain elements with id 1 or 2 as your condition in controller say.

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