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I have an isolated Rails Engine, Gemgento. It relies on decorators to add functionality to the Application. This works great, the model/controller decorators just go in /app/decorators/models/gemgento/model_decorator.rb.

However, I have some gems that can be paired with Gemgento and extend it's functionality for specific Magento extensions. I need to add a Gemgento model decorator in a separate gem. The gem already requires Gemgento and uses some of it's API models.

How can I decorate an Engine model from a separate gem?

Here's the gem - https://github.com/gemgento/webtex_gift_cards

Normally, in my application, I would write:

Gemgento::Order.class_eval do
   def add_to_cart(product, quantity)
      if product.magento_type == 'gift_card'
         GemgentoWebtexGiftCards.add_to_cart(self.magento_quote_id, ....)

How can this be done from within the gem?

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no solution ? looking for the same architecture –  knotito Oct 21 '14 at 15:24
No sorry. Didn't find a solution. I ended up including the gem specific code in the engine itself. –  KPheasey Nov 2 '14 at 15:17

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