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I'm writing a webpage in Django and I have a application called "Website". This application defines some basic views and general layout of the whole site part of which is the navigation bar.

As I add applications responsible for different functionalities I would like to have them add links to that navigation bar. The links should appear not only when using a view from a certain application but in all others as well. The problem here is how to arrange this without the "Website" app knowing about all the other applications?

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All Django apps inside one project can be aware of each other. For example, if you had an app called links, you could use models and functions from links to create new content, then use that content in Website. You will need to import the information. For example, to use links from links in your Website views:

# Website.views
from links.models import Link

def myView(request):
    links = Link.objects.all()
    # do something with the links
    context = {'links': links}
    return render(request, 'webpage.html', context)

Please excuse my syntax and stuff, I haven't tested this or anything. I hope this explains what you mean. Feel free to ask more, I'll do my best to answer.

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