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Currently I'm testing that an object does indeed have unique indexes, so my object looks like this:

var conversationSchema = mongoose.Schema({
    conversationHash: {
        type: String,
        unique: true,
        validate: correctLength

    expires: {
        type: Date

and then my testing method looks like this (mocha and chai):

it('should require the conversationHash to have a unique name', function(done) {
    ConversationController.create('abcdef1234567890', Date.soon(), function(error, results) {

        ConversationController.create('abcdef1234567890', Date.soon(), function(error, results) {

The odd part is that this works most of the time, but on the odd occasion will fail. I find that the failure usually occurs when the test hasn't been run in a long period of time. The failure is that error doesn't exist (is null) in the second test.

Any thoughts? This makes our CI server job unreliable...

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If you're creating the collection and the unique index as part of your test see this similar question: stackoverflow.com/questions/24106512/… –  JohnnyHK Jun 17 at 2:23

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