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I am trying to implement my own sign in page for phpmyadmin. So far I have this and it works, but I want the session to only be good for 1 hour.


    ini_set('session.gc_maxlifetime', 60*60);

    $_SESSION['PMA_single_signon_user'] = $_POST['u'];
    $_SESSION['PMA_single_signon_password'] = $_POST['p'];

    if(!isset($_SESSION['PMA_single_signon_token'])) {
        $_SESSION['PMA_single_signon_token'] = md5(uniqid(rand(), true));

It lets me log in, but the session is good for one year, which is not what I want. I had thought maybe the cookie would expire after I ended my session, but it was still there. I'm not using a framework and my PHP ini settings are the same. Does anyone know why my cookies still have a one year expiration date on them even though I'm setting the time in my script?

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I copy-pasted your code on a local server and it set expiration for exactly 1 hour. So the provided code is correct and works as expected. –  zerkms Jun 17 at 1:14
hmm. that's interesting. I just noticed that there are two cookies that are created. One expires in one hour and there is another one that is exactly the same that expires in one year? –  Andrew Butler Jun 17 at 1:22
And what is the difference between them apart of expiration date? –  zerkms Jun 17 at 1:22
they have different values as well –  Andrew Butler Jun 17 at 1:24
What else? You must realize that a browser won't keep 2 cookies with identical name if the domain is the same –  zerkms Jun 17 at 1:26

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