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(postwalk #(do (println "visiting:" %)
               (if (vector? %)
                 (seq %)
          [:title {:bu "hu"}])

What I expected(without printlns): (:title {:bu "hu"})

What I got:

visiting: :title
visiting: :bu
visiting: hu
visiting: [:bu hu]
Stack trace of root exception is empty; this is likely due to a JVM optimization 
that can be disabled with -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow.

Why is it visiting [:bu hu] instead of {:bu hu}? It seems to work fine with nested vectors but toss a map in and the jvm gets angry at me and vomits unintelligible obscenity.

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I get a better stack trace:

visiting: :title
visiting: :bu
visiting: hu
visiting: [:bu hu]

ClassCastException clojure.lang.Keyword cannot be cast to java.util.Map$Entry  clojure.lang.ATransientMap.conj (ATransientMap.java:44)

[:bu hu] is not the map, it's the first MapEntry in the map. Unfortunately, it's not actually an instance of clojure.lang.MapEntry. walk turns it into a vector before the function you pass into the postwalk is ever applied (postwalk calls walk internally). Even after reading the code I still can hardly believe it.

I'm not sure what the best way around this is. But I thought it'd be helpful for you to at least know exactly why it's happening.

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Nice insight (+1)! I love Clojure, but it's problems like this that make me remember why we invented static type systems for our programming languages.... –  DaoWen Jun 17 '14 at 2:44

[:bu "hu"] is a clojure.lang.MapEntry, and postwalk will visit each entry in the map. Sadly, clojure.walk/postwalk passes MapEntry as a clojure.lang.PeristentVector, so you cannot reliably differentiate entries from vectors in postwalk. I think you will need to use your own walking implementation.

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