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I'm pretty new to (real) javascript and new to Angular

I'm writing an app for home automation. The app returns a list of devices and then when you click on a device, it returns it's details via JSON (Example below). The problem I have is that different device types return different name value pairs in the object and I won;t know these in advance. (For example a light switch will return a dim level, but a thermostat returns a sensor level.

Obviously, my app can only do stuff with know properties (e.g. set dim level if it's a light), but the user may want to see all the properties. Is their a way to use ng-repeat to list all the name value pairs without knowing the property names?


    "name": "1-Wire Test1",
    "address": 0,
    "addressStr": "unknown",
    "classID": 3,
    "devProtocol": 999,
    "displayInUI": true,
    "displayLongState": "76.7 °F",
    "displayRawState": "76.700000",
    "folderID": 1418405935,
    "hasStateToDisplay": true,
    "id": 704024169,
    "lastChanged": 456266814,
    "lastChangedDateStr": "2014-06-16",
    "lastChangedRFC3339": "2014-06-17T01:46:54Z",
    "lastChangedRFC822": "Tue, 17 Jun 2014 01:46:54 GMT",
    "lastChangedTimeStr": "08:46:54 PM",
    "sensorValue": "76.7 °F",
    "type": "1-Wire Temperature Sensor",
    "typeFlags": 81,
    "typeSupportsDim": false,
    "typeSupportsEnergyMeter": false,
    "typeSupportsHVAC": false,
    "typeSupportsIO": false,
    "typeSupportsOnOff": false,
    "typeSupportsSensorValue": true,
    "typeSupportsSpeedControl": false,
    "typeSupportsSprinkler": false,
    "versByte": 0,
    "restParent": "devices"

Thanks in advance


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Of course, use the (k, v) in o repeat syntax:


<span ng-repeat="(property, value) in phoneProperties">{{property}} : {{value}}</span>
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Brilliant. Thanks a lot. Wish I could give you an extra point for speed :-) Mark – mark1234 Jun 17 '14 at 2:23
var anObject = {randomName: "foo",
                randomNameNumber100: "bar"};

In the template

<div ng-repeat="(key, val) in anObject">
  <p>{{ key }}</p>
  <p>{{ val }}</p>

This will display your object based on the key, in a sorted manner.

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