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I have the following model architecture in a Backbone Marionette app:

  • ACollection is a Backbone Collection of AModels (loaded from a JSON file)
  • Each AModel contains a BCollection
  • BCollection is a Backbone Collection of BModels
  • Each BModel contains a CCollection
  • CCollection is a Backbone Collection of CModels

In code:

App.AModel = Backbone.Model.extend({
    initialize: function() {
        var bCollection = new App.BCollection(this.get("bcollection"));
        this.set("bcollection", bCollection);
App.ACollection = Backbone.Collection({
    model: App.AModel,
    url: "path/to/data.json"

App.BModel = Backbone.Model.extend({
    initialize: function() {
        var cCollection = new App.CCollection(this.get("ccollection"));
        this.set("ccollection", cCollection);
App.BCollection = Backbone.Collection({ model: App.BModel });

App.CModel = Backbone.Model.extend({ });
App.CCollection = Backbone.Collection({ model: App.CModel });

How can I add local storage capabilities to this? The whole nested thing has gotten me a bit confused over how this would work, since just adding localStorage: new Backbone.LocalStorage("some_key") to each model and collection doesn't seem to work.

Also, how do I switch between using data.json (which contains mock data) and local storage? Any help is appreciated.

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